Friday, 17 July 2020

Ragdolly 3

Ragdoll3 shows how the same pattern can turn out quite differently with different hair and although I thought I'd made her the same size she is fractionally bigger than No.1!

Tuesday, 7 July 2020


I made this as a second attempt and my grand daughter decided she would like her so took that as a success🙂.  Here she is...


Here we go with the first of my latest three rag dolls with many different outfits.
It's been a real learning curve for me but now know how clothes are made ! Maybe I ought to try making some 'real' clothes with what I've learned!

Thursday, 1 February 2018


I use quite a lot of upcycled canvases for my paintings and enjoy experimenting with different styles.  So these are most recent forays into the art world!  They all have copyright so sorry not available for copying.


These adorable little bunnies are made of hessian and vintage cloth.  They're fiddly to make but just look so cute.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and was challenged to give them a go.  They are made of real bark from the local woodlands and held on a wooden base by a wire running through the centre of each piece of bark.  For a decorative touch I added the gold stars.  Most of these are still available.


This was a little Chinese box which had desperately needed renovating and as I'm very fond of birds it turned out to be a decorative bird box for storing anything you might like.  The clouds floating in the sky just added a finishing touch.  
It sells for £7.50.